Grade 6 & 7 Adjective Worksheets

Free adjectives worksheets for students in grade 6 and grade 7. Using adjectives in higher elementary or middle school grades is fun. Students continue their evolution of descriptive vocabulary and begin to weave stories that have a lot of detail and description. Children begin to identify and use comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives. They start looking at adjectival phrases and how they impact on writing. Continue to challenge your students to use high level adjectives, but also get them using powerful, concise sentences that are often overlooked. ‘The ominous clouds grew angry’ is short, sharp and powerful. Challenge your students to write an entire story where the character is locked in a cage and all they can do is describe the character, setting and feelings. You’ll be surprised at what they write! Use the adjective worksheets below to save you prep time. These worksheets focus on identifying adjectives, choosing adjectives and using adjectives. 

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For more adjective worksheets, Check out K5 Learning. They have plenty of great worksheets for all grade levels. The best part is…they’re all free!