Grade 4 & 5 Adverb Worksheets

Grade 4 & 5 adverb worksheets to help your students improve their knowledge and understanding in English. Use these adverb worksheets for grade 4 & grade 5 students to help develop their application of adverbs. In grade 4, begin by looking at a range of adverbs. Look at common adverbs that end in -ly, then branch out into more challenging adverbs and encourage your students to use them in their writing. You’ll be surprised how descriptive their writing becomes. Combine adverbs and adjectives and watch their sentences grow! Challenge them to take adjectives and turn them into adverbs, you’ll come up with some interesting words to describe verbs! Although these adverb worksheets say they’re for grade 4 & 5, they can be used for any age group!

Websites with Adverb Worksheets

There are plenty of great websites that have free adjective worksheets. Check out Slambo Resources. They have a bunch of free adverb worksheets, ready to print.