Grade 4 & 5 Adjective Worksheets

Free grade 4 & 5 adjective worksheets to help your students improve their knowledge in English. In grade 4 & 5, adjectives start to become exciting. Children begin to apply their understanding of adjectives and we start to see their creative writing evolve. Students are able to characterize and set scenes with confidence. We start to see the use of figurative language and higher level vocabulary. Adjectives such as big and small get replaced with enormous and petite. Sneaky becomes surreptitious and scary becomes frightened. These grades are the perfect time to build child vocabulary and enhance their level of adjectives because they’re like sponges. Set a high bar and they’ll reach it. These adjective worksheets focus on identifying adjectives, choosing adjectives and using them to up level sentences. They could certainly be used for other grades. See if they’re applicable to your students and click on the images below to download.

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Need More Adjective Worksheets

For more adjective worksheets, Check out K5 Learning. They have plenty of great worksheets for all grade levels. The best part is…they’re all free!

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