Adjective Worksheets

Adjective worksheets to help your students improve their knowledge and application of adjectives in English. Adjectives are so important to writing because they give stories life! They allow writers to craft interesting characters and mysterious settings that engage the reader. It’s vital for students to be able to define adjectives, identify them within sentences and apply them in their own writing. These free worksheets provide just that! Scale your child’s adjective work by working through the worksheets, grade by grade. Students must be exposed to adjectives daily to ensure their vocabulary continues to grow. Use these worksheets during your English lessons and watch your students blossom! Click on the images below to be directed to adjective worksheet pages. 

Grade 2 & 3

Grade 4 & 5

Grade 6 & 7

Adjective Stories

What is an Adjective?

An adjective is a describing word that modifies the noun. It often enhances the noun and allows the reader to create vivid images which is why authors often use a lot of adjectives. Some examples of adjectives are big, small, tall, smart, intelligent, quiet, shy, surreptitious, talkative, enthusiastic and so on. You will often find the adjective directly before the noun, but not always. 

Why do we use adjectives?

Adjectives give stories life. They allow readers to visualize settings and characters. Adjectives help create a sense of time, place and atmosphere that is needed to engage audiences. Without adjectives, stories would be mundane and without life. The best authors in the world weave adjectives so beautifully into their writing. They use a combination of subtle and strong words to enhance the reader’s imagery. 

Need More Adjective Worksheets

For more adjective worksheets, Check out K5 Learning. They have plenty of great worksheets for all grade levels. The best part is…they’re all free!

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