Verb Tense Worksheets

Free verb tense worksheets to help your students practice their skills and apply their knowledge in English. Understanding verb tenses is vital in English. Students must be able to determine the difference between past tense, present tense and future tense, at a bare minimum. As they move through on their learning journey, they’ll learn about a few of the more tricky tenses. Use these free worksheets to get your students changing tenses. If they can change past tense to future tense and future tense to past tense, they’re on the right track in English! Click on the images below to be taken to pages with a number of free worksheets relating to irregular verb tenses, past tense & future tense.

Irregular Verb Tenses

Past Tense

Future Tense

More Verb Tense Worksheets

There are plenty of great websites that have free verb tense worksheets. Check out They have a bunch of past tense worksheets that will help your students with this English concept.