Grade 2 & 3 Adjective Worksheets

Free grade 2 & 3 adjective worksheets to help your students improve their knowledge in English. Adjectives can be tricky, but if you incorporate them well in your class, they can be fun! Children in grade 2 focus on identifying adjectives. The ability to recognise an adjective in a sentence is important. Students in grade 2 & 3 begin to identify more challenging adjectives and start to confidently use them in sentences. Give your students these worksheets and have them work on adjectives daily. These worksheets focus on identifying adjectives, choosing adjectives and using adjectives. Even though the title suggests they’re for grade 2 and 3, they certainly could be used for grade 1, grade 4 and even grade 5. Click on the images below to download the worksheets. 

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Grade 4 & 5

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Adjective Stories

Need More Adjective Worksheets

For more adjective worksheets, Check out K5 Learning. They have plenty of great worksheets for all grade levels. The best part is…they’re all free!

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