Adverb Worksheets

Free adverb worksheets for students of all ages to help them improve their knowledge, understanding and application in English. Adverbs can be challenging, but they bring so much value to students’ writing. Adverbs add important detail and can turn boring sentences into interesting ones. Use these adverb worksheets and give your children the important repetition they need. They’ll be able to work on identifying adverbs, using adverbs and up levelling sentences with adverbs. These worksheets also have a range of challenging adverbs that don’t end in -ly. Children often associate adverbs with the -ly ending, so it’s important that they understand there are a range of other adverbs that can be used to enhance writing. These worksheets look at identifying and using both -ly adverbs and other adverbs.

Grade 2 & 3

Grade 4 & 5

Grade 6 & 7

Adverb Stories

What is an Adverb?

Put simply, an adverb is a word that modifies the verb. It often comes directly before or after the verb and gives important detail in a sentence. It tells the reader when or how something is happening. She quickly ran home, or his bird sang quietly are examples of adverbs within a sentence. Because of these adverbs, we know that the girl was moving with haste and that the bird was singing with a soft voice. Adverbs change sentences for the better and enhance writing to make it more vivid. They’re an important part of English and should be worked on daily!

Websites with Adverb Worksheets

There are plenty of great websites that have free adjective worksheets. Check out Slambo Resources. They have a bunch of free adverb worksheets, ready to print.

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