Apostrophe Worksheets - Possessive Apostrophes

Apostrophe worksheets to help your students improve their punctuation in English. These worksheets have students working on possessive apostrophes. Teach your children when and where to use apostrophes and let them practice with these worksheets. When they’re really confident in using apostrophes, teach them how to use plural possessive apostrophes – they can be challenging! These worksheets are ideal for students in grade 2, 3, 4 & 5. Click on the images below to download the worksheets. 

Apostrophes - Easy

These apostrophes worksheets can be used for grades 2 & 3. They’re nice and simple for your students to understand and will give them some good repetition. 

Apostrophes - Challenging

These apostrophe worksheets are slightly more challenging and will test your students. Use them for independent tasks during English. They’re ideal for students in grade 4 & 5.

More Apostrophe Worksheets


Editing Apostrophes

Need more apostrophe worksheets? Check out K12 Reader. They have more worksheets to help your students with this English concept.