Grade 4 Speech Marks Worksheets

Use these free grade 4 and grade 5 speech marks worksheets to help your students improve their punctuation skills in English. Children in grade 4 and 5 begin to write a lot, and they also use a lot of direct speech. Teach them how to use speech marks accurately and then get the practising every day during English. Use these speech marks worksheets during independent work or literacy rotations. Ensure you teach your students how to use the punctuation around speech marks. It can be tricky at first, but with some practice, they’ll be experts in no time. Click on the images below to download the speech marks worksheets. 

Speech Marks - Multi Choice

More Speech Marks Worksheets

Grade 2 & 3

Grade 3 & 4

For more speech marks worksheets, check out K5 Learning. They have a bunch of free worksheets on this English concept.